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Wanhua Chemicals Group Co., Ltd. (P.R. China), a leading supplier in chemical products in China, has awarded to CONSER S.p.A. a contract for the production of Maleic Anhydride (MAN). The new plant will have a nominal production capacity of 200’000 tons per year of MAN, allowing Wanhua to own one of the largest MAN Plants in the world.

The Maleic Anhydride will be used to produce PBAT (Poly-Butylene-Adipate-Terephthalate), one of the main components of bio-degradable plastics, which decomposes thanks to the action of natural micro-organisms. Wanhua’s target is to increase the manufacturing of environmental-sustainable packaging. In fact, China’s demand for maleic anhydride and its derivatives is expected to grow really fast in the next years, driven by the industry’s focus on bio-degradable materials.

The overall capacity of 200’000 tons per year will be reached through the use of three reaction lines – 67’000 tons per year the capacity of each reactor system – manufactured by DWE (MAN Energy Solutions): thus this plant will be the first in the world with such a large capacity reached with only three reactor system.

Wanhua has chosen the Italian CONSER, leading Licensor of MAN worldwide, due to its extensive experience in the field of maleic anhydride and its derivatives, which allows CONSER to provide reliable plant design, with lower production costs, higher product quality and reduced environmental impact.



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- Published on 12th October 2021




Here below, the video about the construction progress of SIBUR MAN Plant dated last winter (English subtitles)


Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of Russia in the Urals Federal District, Vladimir Yakushev, and Governor of the Tyumen Region, Alexander Moor, have recently visited the Tobolsk site of Sibur - the ZapSibNeftekhim plant.

More than 70% of the equipment has already been installed at the construction site of a plant for the production of maleic anhydride (MAN) with a capacity of 45 thousand tons of products per year, the company's press service reported.

The construction will be completed within the end of 2021.

"The pandemic did not stop construction. All measures are being taken at the construction site to ensure the safety and health of employees in the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic," the words of Igor Klimov, General Director of ZapSibNeftekhim.


The MAN will be produced using CONSER technology, which was chosen by SIBUR as the most advanced and environmentally friendly, having at the same time the lowest production cost.

One of the last installed equipment is a compressor unit for supplying atmospheric air to the MAN synthesis unit. In addition to the compressor unit and the reaction unit, the MAN plant under construction will include: an absorption unit, a regeneration unit, a desorption unit, a steam generation unit, a storage unit for solid MAN, as well as its own substation, control room and a cooling tower.


The production of a high-margin product using its own raw materials (butane) will allow Sibur to increase the depth of hydrocarbon processing in Russia, completely cover the import of MAN and establish its export supplies to the markets of Europe and the Middle East, the company said.

The construction of a modern MAN production facility will also create additional opportunities for the development of domestic industries which will use MAN as raw material: construction, automotive, paints and varnishes and other industries.




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- Published on 13th April 2021




Here below, the video about SIBUR MAN Plant with a few words from Vladimir Mishin, Project Manager (Russian language only)


The erection of SIBUR maleic anhydride (MAN) production facility, licensed by CONSER, is progressing swiftly at the construction site of Tobolsk, Russia. The project execution begun at the end of 2018 under CONSER supervision, and, despite the slowdown due to the global pandemic of Covid-19, the start-up of the first MAN Plant in Russia is expected at the end of 2021. "Now all the main equipment: columns, tanks, pumps, heat exchangers and fans - is at the construction site and is being installed in accordance with the schedule" the press service of SIBUR's Tobolsk enterprises reported last November 2020.

Steel structures and up to 80% of equipment are Russian-made. Specific units and assemblies that are not yet produced domestically, including the main synthesis unit, have been ordered abroad.“You cannot buy specific equipment for MAN production in Russia,” says Vasily KAZAKOV, head of maleic anhydride production. “SIBUR is a pioneer in this topic, nobody produces MAN in Russia yet”. The key piece of the Plant – the MAN Reactor - arrived in Tobolsk last August 2020. The Synthesis Unit - 7.5 meters high, 9 meters in diameter and weighing 600 tons -, in which the main reaction of butane oxidation will take place, was assembled by MAN Energy Solutions in the German city of Deggendorf. From there, the equipment was delivered to Antwerp, then along the Northern Sea Route to the port of Sabetta, and the last segment of the route to the Tobolsk industrial port it covered along the Ob and Irtysh. Finally, the transportation of the oversized equipment from the industrial port to the construction site was managed by NIPIgaspererabotka – the leading Russian company engaged by SIBUR for the MAN Plant engineering services.In total, after travelling about 5000 kilometers, the process of delivering the oversized cargo to the construction site took about three months.

The MAN production capacity in Tobolsk will amount to 45 thousand tons per year. The finished product at the plant will be produced in two phases - liquid, which is then transported to tank containers, and solid, formed into briquettes or pastilles. 

Currently, maleic anhydride is not produced in Russia. The demand on the Russian market is 6 thousand tons per year, which is covered by imports. SIBUR expects to completely cover the import of maleic anhydride and to establish its export supplies to the markets of Europe and Turkey. Maleic Anhydride is widely used in various fields from automotive and shipbuilding to pharmaceuticals. It is used in the production of films, synthetic fibers, varnishes and paints, as well as in the food industry (malic acid is derived from maleic anhydride). 

The Italian process licensing company CONSER became the licensor of the MAN production technology, whose technical solutions, as a result of the analysis carried out by SIBUR, were selected as the most advanced and environmentally friendly, having at the same time the lowest production cost. In fact, CONSER technology features, such as the high efficiency of the absorption process and the off-gas recycle, allow to reduce the consumption of raw butane feedstock and to increase the production of maleic anhydride. Moreover, like other petrochemical plants of SIBUR in Tobolsk, the MAN plant will have a closed production cycle, and thus any possible negative impact of production on the environment and human health will be minimized.  



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- Published on 11th February 2021



Due to the recent Coronavirus - COVID-19 - spreading all over the world, particularly in Italy, day by day the Italian Government is issuing guidelines and decrets with draconian restrictions to help containing the pandemic virus.

Despite the emergency situation, CONSER S.p.A. is not going to stop its activities, remaining completely available and providing all the support required by its customers.


In compliance with the Italian Government's decrets and OMS advices, CONSER S.p.A. stays open but minimizes human contacts and interactions by promoting and maximizing smartworking activities.

More in detail:

- All travels from and to Rome are cancelled and prohibited, both nationally and internationally;

- Every national and international meeting, event etc. will be held by means of audioconference or videoconference;

- Smartworking: whenever possible, every office activity will be done at home to limit human shifts and gatherings;

- Only if necessary, the office activities are permitted by limiting the number of personnel through previous coordination, to keep the minimum distance of 1 meter between people and in general to comply with all the guidelines to stop COVID-19 spreading.

  CONSER S.p.A. will provide in the offices protective masks, single-use gloves, disinfectants and every protective and sanitizing product to fully ensure the safeguard of all the personnel who will come to the offices if needed.


Should you need specific information or assistance, do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or to contact the reference person you normally deal with.


We wish to all our personnel and to all our clients and partners all over the world to be safe and to collaborate in sustaining all the emergency procedures, in order to eradicate the virus COVID-19 and to get back to our normal lives.


#stayhome #iorestoacasa


Italian Government Coronavirus Emergency Decrets:


DPCM 8th March 2020:


DPCM 11th March 2020



Useful guidelines to contain virus COVID-19:



Useful links for monitoring the situation in Italy and in Roma province:




 - Published on 11th March 2020



“I can say, the success of Conser was extremely facilitated by the growth of China and by the friendship and positive attitude of the Chinese customers and partners: together we share the Five Chinese Major Development Concepts: Innovation, Coordination, Green, Openness and Inclusiveness” - Mr. Flavio Simola, CONSER Managing Director

On November 22nd the Italian petrochemical licensor company CONSER S.p.A., based in Rome, held its Golden Jubilee celebration in Beijing.

Here below you can watch a short video about CONSER Golden Jubilee in Beijing:


The Event marked 50 years of successful activity in research and development of technologies, as well as the mutually beneficial cooperation and the close relationship with the Asia/Middle East area, especially with China during the last two decades. Not by chance Mr. Flavio Simola, CONSER Managing Director, won the prestigious award and China’s highest honor as "Foreign Expert Friendship", issued by the Chinese government in 2013 and received by Premier Li Keqiang.

That is why Mr. Simola chose the wonderful scenario of Rosewood Hotel -in the center of Beijing- to celebrate the Anniversary:  the day was full of activities, starting with the morning section of CONSER Technologies Forum, followed by the afternoon Ceremony during which many important guests took word. The Celebration was concluded with a charming Italian-style musical entertainment and an exclusive Gala Dinner offered to the attendees.

Many honorable guests attended the Jubilee: business clients and partners, large petrochemical enterprises, industrial associations, and Chinese and Italian Government institutions as well. Among CONSER participants, the current Vice President Mr. Aldo Appetiti, one of CONSER founders and always a pillar of the Company, who witnessed the extraordinary development of CONSER and the growing positive relationship with China.

Participants in Mainland China included: State Administration of Foreign Expert Affair (SAFEA) of the Ministry of Science and Technology, China International Talent Exchange Association, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF), Petroleum and Chemical Planning Institute, China Synthetic Rubber Industry Association, China Chloro-Alkali Industry Association and other management institutions and industry associations; Yueyang Sinopec Baling Petrochemical, China National Chemical Corporation, Sinochem Group, Wanhua Chemical, Shandong Chambroad Jointo New Material, Shandong Befar and other large petrochemical companies; Sinopec Baling Petrochemical, Shantou Bozhongju New Material Company, Shandong Huifeng Petrochemical, Northern Huajin, Xuyang Group, Xinjiang Guotai Xinhua, Binhua Group and other CONSER technology transfer companies;  PetroChina Huanqiu headquarters, PetroChina East China, Wison Engineering, Hualu, Sinopec Qilu and other well-known engineering companies; Sinopec Beijing Chemical Research Institute Yanshan Branch and other research institutions. Overseas companies included: Korean Hanwha Chemical and other clients, CLARIANT, BASF and other partners; technologies partners such as Hong Kong Blueland Engineering, Xian Huawei Engineering and others; Italian Government's various institutions in China gave great support to the CONSER celebrations, sent a solemn representative and delivered speeches, including: Luca Fraticelli, Counselor of Italian Embassy in China; Giampaolo Bruno, Director of Italy Foreign Trade Agency (ITA); Giulia Gallarati, General Secretary of China-Italy Chamber of Commerce (CICC), which supported the event. Representatives from China media in Chemical Industry, China Chemical Industry News (CCIN), CIEP and CIP. A total of about 120 participants from 48 institutions / companies.



Since the foundation by a group of young engineers in 1969, the evolution of Conser has been continuous by increasing and expanding the international business, especially in China and Asia, but the original principles have remained unaltered. During all these years, CONSER provided more than 50 licenses in the petrochemical and refinery sectors, delivering up-to-date and advanced engineering technical solutions.

CONSER's first project in Asia was an epichlorohydrin plant in Korea for Hanwha Chemical Company in 1989, while the first project in China was an ethanolamine plant in Jilin in 1993. Due to the excellent plant performances and product quality of CONSER's epichlorohydrin unit, the historical partner Yueyang Sinopec Baling Petrochemical was the promoter and sponsor for the special friendship award “Foreign Expert” received by Mr. Simola from the Chinese Government in 2013.

For more details about CONSER’s history, please visit the dedicated webpage:  http://www.conserspa.com/index.php/en/about-conser



CONSER technologies have always been characterized by an integrated approach to process design, safety and sustainability, which guaranteed the highest quality of products and satisfied over 150 clients in the world.

CONSER Company adheres to the concept of “independent or cooperative research and development of high value-added / difficult to obtain technology”, and its core business includes: the development of the producing processes urgently demanded in the market, the scale-up to industrial scale production maturely, the licensing of technologies with complete Process Design Package (PDP) and on-site technical services, including start-up and training.

Mr. Flavio Simola, Conser Managing Director


In 50 years of experience, none of Conser plants have got penalty for failing to meet the performance guarantee figures, but on the contrary Customers often found out that the process figures were better than the guarantee figures in the Contract after the plants started to run. "This has been the situation in Sinopec Baling Petrochemical company epichlorohydrin plant. After years of operation, people in Baling Petrochemical Company became deeply aware of Conser's high professional yet humble style." said Mr. Flavio Simola. Thus CONSER has grown into a leading world-class technology provider engineering company, with a portfolio of several downstream products of ethylene / propylene / C4 / aromatics, as confirmed by the wide range of successful global success.

“At Conser we don’t feel like a family, we ARE a family” – Ms. Eliana Mattioni.  

CONSER “artisan family” today.


Among the speakers at the Ceremony, Mr. Ren Xuebin (任学斌), General Manager of Shandong Chambroad Petrochemical Jointo New Materials Co., Ltd. (京博中聚新材料有限公司 总经理), expressed his warm gratitude to CONSER, which is the leading technology provider of polymers process solutions for Butyl Rubber / Brominated Butyl Rubber products (IIR/BIIR). Thanks to CONSER support and technology, today Chambroad Company is a leader in the production of Butyl and Bromobutyl Rubber.

Also Mr. Sun Zijin (孙自瑾), Deputy General Manager of Xinjiang Guotai Xinhua Mining Co., Ltd. (新疆国泰新华矿业股份有限公司) delivered a speech, reviewing the history when Shanxi Sanwei (sister company of Guotai Xinhua, both under Yangquan Coal Industry Group) acquired Conser's PTMEG technology in the form of buy-out Contract. After a thorough and in-depth investigation and evaluation of several Polytetrahydrofuran (PTMEG) technology sources in the world, he decided to obtain CONSER's process of PTMEG technology: according to Mr. Sun, the PTMEG reaction is very difficult and represents the highest level of organic synthesis, and CONSER’s PTMEG process was the most advanced and more ingenious than other available international Licensors.

Ms. Zhu Liangwei (朱良伟), Deputy Secretary General, Committee of Multinationals in China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) (中国石油与化学工业联合会, 国际交流与外企委员会 副秘书长), spoke at the celebration and praised CONSER's first-class technologies and solutions for new chemical products and its contribution to the industrial upgrading and sustainable development of Chinese enterprises.

During the morning Technologies Conference Session, highlights on process technology and products economics were shown to the attendees, followed by a Q&A session, focusing on CONSER leading technologies: Butyl/Halogenated Butyl Rubber (IIR/HIIR), Maleic Anhydride (MAN), Maleic Anhydride Downstream Derivatives (1,4-Butanediol / Tetrahydrofuran / γ - Butyrolactone / N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone / Malic - Fumaric acid / a new generation of phthalate-alternative greener plasticizers Diethylhexyl Maleate and Dibutyl Maleate), Epichlorohydrin (ECH) both from propylene and glycerin, Propylene Oxide (PO).

Other technologies in CONSER portfolio include: ethanolamines, glycol ethers, polyisobutylene, and aromatics derivatives. Among Conser unique process features: Polymer Direct Dissolution (PDD) technology is used  in CONSER’s world leading process of Bromobutyl Rubber; in Maleic Anhydride (MAN) process we find the optimized reaction section and DI-butyl phthalate (DBP) solvent absorption, as well as the unique feature of Off-gas recycle; in the production of MAN Derivatives, such as 1,4-Butanediol / Tetrahydrofuran/ γ – Butyrolactone, Conser patented mixed phase hydrogenation process has lower investment and operation costs than companies. Comparing with other licensors, Conser processes have proven advantages regarding environmental impact, energy saving, consumption reduction and high product purity. 

And what about the future? Mr. Flavio Simola revealed the Company's strategic plan: to keep increasing the investment for research and development of new production technologies, especially green technologies with biomass as raw material; to keep comprehensively improving all mature technologies in current CONSER portfolio; to focus on minimizing the environmental impact, aiming for near-to-zero emissions.

CONSER works to meet customers' requirements, and constantly innovates in positive response to customers’ expectations.

A special thanks to Ms. Jessie Liu, General Manager of Synocal and CONSER Chief Representative and Agent in China, for the activities of the last 15 years and for the precious support in CONSER Chinese 50 Years Jubilee in China.


The participants showed great interest in Conser Technologies, and they hope to have more chances to exchange information with Conser aiming to a mutually beneficial cooperation. After Ceremony, the Jubilee was concluded with a wonderful Italian-style musical entertainment and an exclusive Gala Dinner at Rosewood Hotel offered to the attendees.

Many thanks to all CONSER team and to all the participants, and good luck for the next fifty years, wishing to keep the friendship and the successful cooperation between CONSER and China!


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Here below the link to Conser Celebration at Palazzo Colonna, Rome, on June 29th:


Here below, the video with a few words about the Company by Conser members:


- Published on 2nd December 2019




CONSER на общественных слушаниях: «Татнефть» (Россия) развеяла опасения людей по поводу строительства нового завода по производству малеинового ангидрида (МАН) в Альметьевске


In the hall of the DC "ISKE Elmet" there were no empty seats last Friday 8th November 2019: about 200 people signed up for the Public Hearings on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the maleic anhydride (MAN) production facility in Almetyevsk.

Representatives of TATNEFT, as well as the project developers, in particular ANTONIO IOSCO from the Italian company CONSER S.p.A., which is MAN process licensor, assured the residents of Almetyevsk about the safety of the future MAN installation. "This is the modernization of the Minnibaevsky Gas Processing Plant (MGPP), not the construction of a chemical plant," TATNEFT representatives explained while they were holding right in their own hands a piece of the same Maleic Anhydride around which passions had been simmering in Almetyevsk since the beginning of the summer. Opponents of the project did not have any strong arguments, and their leaders were disappointed in the protests.

Here below a video with an extract from the interview to Mr. Antonio Iosco from Italian Conser S.p.A. :



The audience was shown a film about the significant contribution of TATNEFT to environmental safety in the region over the past 30 years. More than 35 billion rubles have been invested in TATNEFT’s fourth large-scale environmental program. The ecological vector was attended also by the Director of the petrochemical complex of PJSC Tatneft, Syren Sakhapov, who himself grew up in the village of Nadyrovo-10 km from the MGPP. “Instead of explosive and fire-hazardous gas, we will get a non-explosive solid, a non-volatile substance in the form of scales” he said. Sakhapov also assured the audience that the air condition in Maktama and Almetyevsk will be monitored online, and the results will be available to everyone: by the spring in the city there will be automatic eco-monitors.

ANTONIO IOSCO, a representative of the Italian company-licensor CONSER, came to the microphone and said that a lot of household goods are made of maleic anhydride, but that Russia is now forced to import those goods due to lack of MAN. According to him, in the production process there will be no liquid effluents or solid waste, and the air that will be used, before returning to the atmosphere, will be purified in a thermal oxidizer, where all organic substances are burned.

"I can say for sure that the technology that Tatneft will use is the most advanced in the world, with the lowest environmental impact. I want to draw your attention to this: Russia is a country rich in natural resources, and n-butane is usually burned for heating. When we burn a ton of butane, we get 3 tons of CO2 in return. And from the same ton of butane we can get a ton of MAN and only a ton of CO2. At the same time, the molecules of anhydride are preserved, and products from them can be recycled, which, in our opinion, is a much more rational use of natural resources, " IOSCO said.

In addition, he explained that the production of maleic anhydride is much safer if compared to current MGPP complex, since gas, gasoline and kerosene have a much lower ignition point than maleic anhydride, so there are less risks. Then IOSCO showed maps of different cities in the world, and it turned out that MAN plants operate few kilometers from city centers. The licensor assured that since this plant will be the first in Russia, CONSER will make every effort to make it work properly and safely: create a 3D model of production, at least twice check the progress of construction, train operators and provide technical support services after launch.

Now the EIA and project documentation will have to pass the state environmental examination, and only then Glavgosekspertiza, where the papers will be checked for compliance with all standards. Commissioning of the MAN plant is expected in 2023. And Tatneft does not plan to close its information center at least until the New year — so that no one has any questions left.


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- Published on 13th November 2019

On September 2019 CONSER became member of the Italian Trade Agency.

It will be a good experience of synergy between Italian private company and Italian government facilities for business.



 - Published on 8th November 2019










“Even if it has such a history and professionalism acquired in those 50 years, today Conser is still working on building its own future” – Conser Managing Director Flavio Simola.

On 29th June 2019 the Italian engineering company CONSER S.p.A. has celebrated its 50th anniversary of activity in research and development of technologies

In the splendid setting of the Cardinal Gallery – Palazzo Colonna, Rome – the Company Managing Director Flavio Simola, who joined Conser in 1975, wanted to mark the event with his management staff and all the personnel.

Many external or past collaborators, University researchers, as well as representatives of the main current clients and partners were lucky enough to attend the amazing and joyful ceremony.

A special mention to Mr. Aldo Appetiti, one of the original founders and current Conser Vice President, who celebrated the event with the same passion of 50 years before.


This Jubilee took place through the memories of the remarkable activities and the highlights of the present successes, accompanied by an extraordinary entertainment.  

Here below, the video with a few words about the Company by Conser members:



During all these years, CONSER provided more than 50 licenses in the petrochemical and refinery sectors, delivering up-to-date and advanced engineering technical solutions.

Over 500’000 metric tonnes per year of petrochemicals were produced through CONSER technology, characterized by an integrated approach to process design, safety and sustainability, which guaranteed the highest quality of products and satisfied over 150 clients in the world.


For more details about CONSER’s history, please visit the dedicated webpage:  http://www.conserspa.com/index.php/en/about-conser


Over the 50 years, the international business was expanded and increased, especially in China and in Asia. Significative is the P.R. China Government Friendship Award to Mr. Flavio Simola in 2013.





As a confirmation of CONSER international reliability and prestige, a new contract signature ceremony, between Mr. Flavio Simola and Mr. Wang Yanjin (Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals Co. Production Manager), took place during the event.

Mr. Wang expressed his gratitude for the collaboration with CONSER by sharing the principles of Shandong Chambroad Holding Culture, based on Confucius’s philosophy, such as humbleness, benevolence and filil piety.


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 “Since the company was founded, the evolution of Conser has been continuous.

One of the most important historical moment was at the end of the 1980s, when, thanks to the intuition of one the founders and at the time president of Conser, Mr. Salvatore Cassarino, our company has moved from an engineering services company to a high technologies company, able to offer the know-how of its technologies to customers who planned to invest in new chemical plants.



Since those years our goal has been the research, development and licensing of the most advanced technologies with a particular focus on the safeguard of the environment where we all live. Innovation was and is our strength.

Our customers have expressed their satisfaction and today we are all gathered here to celebrate our 50 years of activities with joy.” said Chairman and CEO Flavio Simola.


"And for the future?" the present people ask. "Our successes are becoming more and more numerous despite of a difficult and "global" market. I don’t know if Conser will remain independent or if this extremely positive situation will "force" us, standing Conser size, to collaborations with other larger and more important companies.

However, we will always maintain our specificity: we are an “artisan little family", where everyone's contribution is fundamental.

Our young people is growing. To them the task of continuing to write the history of Conser, committing to increase the quality and number of our technologies and to confirm over the years the market position that today Conser has reached.


Thanks to all of you and good luck for the next fifty years !!! "concluded Mr. Simola


Among the highlights of the day, CONSER’s people wanted to pay homage with a dedication to its Honorary President, Mr. Salvatore Cassarino, by publishing the following:

“In 1969 four chemical engineers: Salvatore Cassarino, Aldo Appetiti, Amedeo Mencuccini, Luigi Sibilia, armed with enthusiasm and passion for their own job, gave life to CONSER S.p.A., society of chemical engineering, which today celebrates 50 years of activities.

Actual sole Managing Director ing. Flavio Simola, all the company personnel and collaborators express a special thanks to ing. Salvatore Cassarino, actual Honorary President, for the precious example of professionality and humanity.

His commitment and his tenacity are always for us a great example of life.

  • Newspaper “La Repubblica”, pag. 4 Roma Cronaca, Saturday 29th June 2019


“At Conser we don’t feel like a family, we ARE a family” – Mrs. Eliana Mattioni.


CONSER “artisan family” today.



Below a few words about the wonderful setting of CONSER Celebration:



Palazzo Colonna, one of the largest and most important Roman Palaces located at Via della Pilotta, Rome, is a priceless palimpsest formed over centuries on the ruins of the great Temple of Serapide. The temple, built by Caracalla at the beginning of the III century a.C. and destroyed during the VII century in order to realize the garden which today stands near the palace, is connected to this by small bridges which stride across via della Pilotta. Nowadays the Palace reflects various activities of the Colonna family who built, furnished, renovated and above all lived in it over the past 800 years.

Many important people lived within its walls and gardens: 22 cardinals, the family of Pope Martino V, Francesco Petrarca, the Poetess Vittoria Colonna with Michelangelo Buonarroti, men of arms such as Sciarra, opponent of Pope Bonifacio VIII, Marcantonio II, winner in Lepanto battle at the head of the papal fleet, and a number of illustrious family exponents, protagonists of Roman history.

In 1527, during the sacking of Rome by Carlo V, Palazzo Colonna is among the few buildings to remain safe from the flames. During the 1600’s the Palace takes on the role of a grand baroque Palace and we have the construction of the splendid and majestic Colonna Gallery, 76 metres long. Among famous architects and artists, whose work can be admired in Palazzo Colonna, are: Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Antonio del Grande, Carlo Fontana, Johan Paul Schor, Pinturicchio, Cosmè Tura, Carracci, Guido Reni, Tintoretto, Salavor Rosa, Bronzino, Guercino, Veronese and Vanvitelli.


Many thanks to all CONSER staff and to all the participants, and stay tuned for the upcoming CONSER 50 Years Celebration in Beijing on 22nd November 2019!! (http://www.conserspa.com/index.php/en/component/k2/item/133-02-12-2019-italian-petrochemical-licensor-conser-celebrates-its-50-years-jubilee-in-beijing-to-mark-the-friendship-and-cooperation-with-china)


- Published on 30th September 2019