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Press Release

New Maleic Anhydride (MAN) and Malic / Fumaric Acid contract awarded to CONSER by SHANDONG WONFULL (P.R. China)

Shandong Wonfull Petrochemicals Group Co., Ltd. (P.R. China) will expand the production of Maleic Anhydride (MAN), part of which is going to feed a new downstream derivative plant for Malic and Fumaric Acid (MAL/FAC).

Both the new MAN plant – with a total capacity of 50000 tons per year - and the MAL/FAC plant – with a total capacity of 10000 tons per year – are licensed by CONSER, an Italian company with an extensive experience in the production of Maleic Anhydride and its derivatives.

Wonfull Group has chosen CONSER for these technologies due to the expertise shown in the Revamping of the first Wonfull MAN plant in 2015: by mutual satisfaction of the parties, the plant has been started-up successfully, and has reached the nominal capacity producing a premium grade Maliec Anhydride product, without any constraints in obtaining the contractual performance guarantees.


- Published on 1st February 2019