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Press Release

Halo-Butyl Rubber Production with CONSER technology – SHANDONG CHAMBROAD (P.R. China)

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Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals Co., Ltd. (P.R. China) resumed the production of Bromo-Butyl Rubber (BIIR) with CONSER technology in the first half of November 2017. After more than one month of continuous production, the BIIR plant has demonstrated to have no constraints in obtaining the contractual performance guarantees, and the desired commercial product quality.

Based on the successful production results and data obtained in December 2017, by mutual satisfaction of the parties, the plant has been officially accepted by SHANDONG CHAMBROAD PETROCHEMICALS CO., LTD..
The project, licensed by CONSER and started in the 2012 with a capacity of 50000 Tons/year of IIR/BIIR, has produced the first bale of regular butyl rubber (IIR) in 2015, and the plant was expanded (from IIR to BIIR) in 2016.


- Published on 31st January 2018