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New 200’000 Maleic Anhydride (MAN) contract awarded to CONSER by WANHUA (P.R. China)


Wanhua Chemicals Group Co., Ltd. (P.R. China), a leading supplier in chemical products in China, has awarded to CONSER S.p.A. a contract for the production of Maleic Anhydride (MAN). The new plant will have a nominal production capacity of 200’000 tons per year of MAN, allowing Wanhua to own one of the largest MAN Plants in the world.

The Maleic Anhydride will be used to produce PBAT (Poly-Butylene-Adipate-Terephthalate), one of the main components of bio-degradable plastics, which decomposes thanks to the action of natural micro-organisms. Wanhua’s target is to increase the manufacturing of environmental-sustainable packaging. In fact, China’s demand for maleic anhydride and its derivatives is expected to grow really fast in the next years, driven by the industry’s focus on bio-degradable materials.

The overall capacity of 200’000 tons per year will be reached through the use of three reaction lines – 67’000 tons per year the capacity of each reactor system – manufactured by DWE (MAN Energy Solutions): thus this plant will be the first in the world with such a large capacity reached with only three reactor system.

Wanhua has chosen the Italian CONSER, leading Licensor of MAN worldwide, due to its extensive experience in the field of maleic anhydride and its derivatives, which allows CONSER to provide reliable plant design, with lower production costs, higher product quality and reduced environmental impact.



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- Published on 12th October 2021