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Press Release

SIBUR (СИБУР, Russia) has already installed more than 70% of the equipment of the Maleic Anhydride (MAN) Plant using CONSER advanced technology


Here below, the video about the construction progress of SIBUR MAN Plant dated last winter (English subtitles)


Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of Russia in the Urals Federal District, Vladimir Yakushev, and Governor of the Tyumen Region, Alexander Moor, have recently visited the Tobolsk site of Sibur - the ZapSibNeftekhim plant.

More than 70% of the equipment has already been installed at the construction site of a plant for the production of maleic anhydride (MAN) with a capacity of 45 thousand tons of products per year, the company's press service reported.

The construction will be completed within the end of 2021.

"The pandemic did not stop construction. All measures are being taken at the construction site to ensure the safety and health of employees in the context of the global COVID-19 pandemic," the words of Igor Klimov, General Director of ZapSibNeftekhim.


The MAN will be produced using CONSER technology, which was chosen by SIBUR as the most advanced and environmentally friendly, having at the same time the lowest production cost.

One of the last installed equipment is a compressor unit for supplying atmospheric air to the MAN synthesis unit. In addition to the compressor unit and the reaction unit, the MAN plant under construction will include: an absorption unit, a regeneration unit, a desorption unit, a steam generation unit, a storage unit for solid MAN, as well as its own substation, control room and a cooling tower.


The production of a high-margin product using its own raw materials (butane) will allow Sibur to increase the depth of hydrocarbon processing in Russia, completely cover the import of MAN and establish its export supplies to the markets of Europe and the Middle East, the company said.

The construction of a modern MAN production facility will also create additional opportunities for the development of domestic industries which will use MAN as raw material: construction, automotive, paints and varnishes and other industries.




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- Published on 13th April 2021