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CORONAVIRUS Restrictions: CONSER S.p.A. will not stop its activities and will assist its customers

Due to the recent Coronavirus - COVID-19 - spreading all over the world, particularly in Italy, day by day the Italian Government is issuing guidelines and decrets with draconian restrictions to help containing the pandemic virus.

Despite the emergency situation, CONSER S.p.A. is not going to stop its activities, remaining completely available and providing all the support required by its customers.


In compliance with the Italian Government's decrets and OMS advices, CONSER S.p.A. stays open but minimizes human contacts and interactions by promoting and maximizing smartworking activities.

More in detail:

- All travels from and to Rome are cancelled and prohibited, both nationally and internationally;

- Every national and international meeting, event etc. will be held by means of audioconference or videoconference;

- Smartworking: whenever possible, every office activity will be done at home to limit human shifts and gatherings;

- Only if necessary, the office activities are permitted by limiting the number of personnel through previous coordination, to keep the minimum distance of 1 meter between people and in general to comply with all the guidelines to stop COVID-19 spreading.

  CONSER S.p.A. will provide in the offices protective masks, single-use gloves, disinfectants and every protective and sanitizing product to fully ensure the safeguard of all the personnel who will come to the offices if needed.


Should you need specific information or assistance, do not hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or to contact the reference person you normally deal with.


We wish to all our personnel and to all our clients and partners all over the world to be safe and to collaborate in sustaining all the emergency procedures, in order to eradicate the virus COVID-19 and to get back to our normal lives.


#stayhome #iorestoacasa


Italian Government Coronavirus Emergency Decrets:


DPCM 8th March 2020:


DPCM 11th March 2020



Useful guidelines to contain virus COVID-19:



Useful links for monitoring the situation in Italy and in Roma province:




 - Published on 11th March 2020