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Saturday, 24 February 2018 10:24

Catalytic Cracking

Catalytic Cracking


CONSER offers relevant experience and know-how in revamping of Catalytic Cracking units by a deep practical knowledge of the effects of the operating parameters in the reaction and fractionation sections.
Catalytic cracking projects carried-out by CONSER include:


  • Revamping and modernization studies
  • Improvement of product fractionation
  • Optimization of gas concentration section to maximize LPG recovery
  • Arrangement of main fractionation system to improve products quality and capacity by debottlenecking of gas compressor performances
  • High purity propylene production by low level heat available from process stream




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Sunday, 04 February 2018 12:57

Propylene Glycols

Propylene Glycols




In continuous expansion, the PO market demand is constantly increasing its importance with over 8 million of metric tons of PO produced worldwide.

As bulk chemical, the main uses of PO are:

  • Propylene Glycols (PG)
  • Propylene Glycol Ethers
  • Polyester Resins and Polyurethanes 

The main applications of these products are: flexible and semi-rigid foams, resins, reinforced plastics and fibeglass, coolant and anti-freeze fluids, solvents for paint and coating, etc.  


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Sunday, 04 February 2018 10:26

Propylene Oxide

Propylene Oxide (CHPO)




Propylene oxide is a clear, colourless highly reactive C3 compound, and it is one of the main building block of the petrochemical portfolio worldwide. 


The CONSER Propylene Oxide conventional process (CHPO) is based on the chlorohydrination route using propylene, chlorine and milk of lime as feedstock via the classic production route.

This route is the most economic for plants of average capacity and in all cases where the massive production of co-products (e.g. styrene), as in other technologies, is not justified.

CONSER has enstablished a leading role in design of chlorohydrination plants, and is in position to offer a valid advanced propylene oxide technology, characterized by improved efficiencies, easy, safe and reliable operation and very high purity of the product (greater than 99.9%). 


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