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New Bromo-Butyl Rubber (BIIR) contract awarded to CONSER during the 50th years Anniversary Celebration by SHANDONG CHAMBROAD (P.R. China)

Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals Co., Ltd. (P.R. China) has awarded to CONSER a new contract for the production of Bromo-Butyl Rubber (BIIR).

Due to the excellence of production and satisfaction for the first plant licensed by CONSER, with a capacity of 50000 Tons/year of IIR/BIIR and presently in operation – the first bale of regular butyl rubber (IIR) in 2015 and the first bale of BIIR in 2017 – , Shandong Chambroad chose CONSER again in April 2019 for a the new BIIR plant to expand the Rubber production.

The new plant will be based on an upgrated design developed by CONSER R&D Department.

The contract signature ceremony, between Mr. Flavio Simola (CONSER CEO and Technologies Director) and Mr. Wang Yanjin (CHAMBROAD Production Manager), was held during CONSER 50th years Anniversary Celebration in the beautiful location of Palazzo Colonna – Galleria del Cardinale (Rome, Italy) – on the 29th June 2019.

Mr. Wang expressed his gratitude for the collaboration with CONSER, began in 2012, and for attending such important celebration, by sharing the principles of Shandong Chambroad Holding Culture based on Confucius’s thoughts, such as hubleness, benevolence and filil piety – Shandong Province is the birthplace of Confucius – .

This event confirmed CONSER international reliability and prestige, as well as CONSER committment to provide modern and advanced technologies all over the world, especially in China and in the Far East.








- Published on 1st July 2019