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CONSER celebrates 50 years anniversary of successful activities at Palazzo Colonna, Rome

“Even if it has such a history and professionalism acquired in those 50 years, today Conser is still working on building its own future” – Conser Managing Director Flavio Simola.

On 29th June 2019 the Italian engineering company CONSER S.p.A. has celebrated its 50th anniversary of activity in research and development of technologies

In the splendid setting of the Cardinal Gallery – Palazzo Colonna, Rome – the Company Managing Director Flavio Simola, who joined Conser in 1975, wanted to mark the event with his management staff and all the personnel.

Many external or past collaborators, University researchers, as well as representatives of the main current clients and partners were lucky enough to attend the amazing and joyful ceremony.

A special mention to Mr. Aldo Appetiti, one of the original founders and current Conser Vice President, who celebrated the event with the same passion of 50 years before.


This Jubilee took place through the memories of the remarkable activities and the highlights of the present successes, accompanied by an extraordinary entertainment.  

Here below, the video with a few words about the Company by Conser members:



During all these years, CONSER provided more than 50 licenses in the petrochemical and refinery sectors, delivering up-to-date and advanced engineering technical solutions.

Over 500’000 metric tonnes per year of petrochemicals were produced through CONSER technology, characterized by an integrated approach to process design, safety and sustainability, which guaranteed the highest quality of products and satisfied over 150 clients in the world.


For more details about CONSER’s history, please visit the dedicated webpage:  http://www.conserspa.com/index.php/en/about-conser


Over the 50 years, the international business was expanded and increased, especially in China and in Asia. Significative is the P.R. China Government Friendship Award to Mr. Flavio Simola in 2013.





As a confirmation of CONSER international reliability and prestige, a new contract signature ceremony, between Mr. Flavio Simola and Mr. Wang Yanjin (Shandong Chambroad Petrochemicals Co. Production Manager), took place during the event.

Mr. Wang expressed his gratitude for the collaboration with CONSER by sharing the principles of Shandong Chambroad Holding Culture, based on Confucius’s philosophy, such as humbleness, benevolence and filil piety.


 Read the full article here:




 “Since the company was founded, the evolution of Conser has been continuous.

One of the most important historical moment was at the end of the 1980s, when, thanks to the intuition of one the founders and at the time president of Conser, Mr. Salvatore Cassarino, our company has moved from an engineering services company to a high technologies company, able to offer the know-how of its technologies to customers who planned to invest in new chemical plants.



Since those years our goal has been the research, development and licensing of the most advanced technologies with a particular focus on the safeguard of the environment where we all live. Innovation was and is our strength.

Our customers have expressed their satisfaction and today we are all gathered here to celebrate our 50 years of activities with joy.” said Chairman and CEO Flavio Simola.


"And for the future?" the present people ask. "Our successes are becoming more and more numerous despite of a difficult and "global" market. I don’t know if Conser will remain independent or if this extremely positive situation will "force" us, standing Conser size, to collaborations with other larger and more important companies.

However, we will always maintain our specificity: we are an “artisan little family", where everyone's contribution is fundamental.

Our young people is growing. To them the task of continuing to write the history of Conser, committing to increase the quality and number of our technologies and to confirm over the years the market position that today Conser has reached.


Thanks to all of you and good luck for the next fifty years !!! "concluded Mr. Simola


Among the highlights of the day, CONSER’s people wanted to pay homage with a dedication to its Honorary President, Mr. Salvatore Cassarino, by publishing the following:

“In 1969 four chemical engineers: Salvatore Cassarino, Aldo Appetiti, Amedeo Mencuccini, Luigi Sibilia, armed with enthusiasm and passion for their own job, gave life to CONSER S.p.A., society of chemical engineering, which today celebrates 50 years of activities.

Actual sole Managing Director ing. Flavio Simola, all the company personnel and collaborators express a special thanks to ing. Salvatore Cassarino, actual Honorary President, for the precious example of professionality and humanity.

His commitment and his tenacity are always for us a great example of life.

  • Newspaper “La Repubblica”, pag. 4 Roma Cronaca, Saturday 29th June 2019


“At Conser we don’t feel like a family, we ARE a family” – Mrs. Eliana Mattioni.


CONSER “artisan family” today.



Below a few words about the wonderful setting of CONSER Celebration:



Palazzo Colonna, one of the largest and most important Roman Palaces located at Via della Pilotta, Rome, is a priceless palimpsest formed over centuries on the ruins of the great Temple of Serapide. The temple, built by Caracalla at the beginning of the III century a.C. and destroyed during the VII century in order to realize the garden which today stands near the palace, is connected to this by small bridges which stride across via della Pilotta. Nowadays the Palace reflects various activities of the Colonna family who built, furnished, renovated and above all lived in it over the past 800 years.

Many important people lived within its walls and gardens: 22 cardinals, the family of Pope Martino V, Francesco Petrarca, the Poetess Vittoria Colonna with Michelangelo Buonarroti, men of arms such as Sciarra, opponent of Pope Bonifacio VIII, Marcantonio II, winner in Lepanto battle at the head of the papal fleet, and a number of illustrious family exponents, protagonists of Roman history.

In 1527, during the sacking of Rome by Carlo V, Palazzo Colonna is among the few buildings to remain safe from the flames. During the 1600’s the Palace takes on the role of a grand baroque Palace and we have the construction of the splendid and majestic Colonna Gallery, 76 metres long. Among famous architects and artists, whose work can be admired in Palazzo Colonna, are: Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Antonio del Grande, Carlo Fontana, Johan Paul Schor, Pinturicchio, Cosmè Tura, Carracci, Guido Reni, Tintoretto, Salavor Rosa, Bronzino, Guercino, Veronese and Vanvitelli.


Many thanks to all CONSER staff and to all the participants, and stay tuned for the upcoming CONSER 50 Years Celebration in Beijing on 22nd November 2019!! (http://www.conserspa.com/index.php/en/component/k2/item/133-02-12-2019-italian-petrochemical-licensor-conser-celebrates-its-50-years-jubilee-in-beijing-to-mark-the-friendship-and-cooperation-with-china)


- Published on 30th September 2019