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Risk identification at the early stage of the design.

Prevention and inherent safety principles are the most efficient and economic solution in the prevention of anomalies in the process design.


Prevention and mitigation of major fire hazards.

Fire Hazards are the primary concern of every industrial site and system. A careful planning and emergency system design is crucial.


Operational hazards and risk identification

One of the major hazard, in the process industry, is the poor operational planning. Our services provide support in the safe operations planning and management.

Health, Safety & Environment

Due to our expertise in the industrial field, and our experience in the project management and development under the most stringent safety regulations, CONSER can offer a wide range of technical activities related to the HSE for the different life stages of the project from, among others: Hazard/Risk Analysis to the firefighting and fire & gas detection systems design.
Our HSE team can provide the following activities:
Risk Analysis:
  • HAZID (HAZard IDentification Study)
  • HAZAN (HAZard ANalysis)
  • HAZOP (HAZard and OPerability Study)
  • FMECA (Failure Made and Criticality Analysis)
  • WHAT IF Analysis
  • ETA (Event Tree Analysis)
  • FTA (Fault Tree Analysis)
  • LOPA (Layer Of Protection Analysis)
  • SIL (Safety Integrity Level)
  • RAM (Reliability Availability Maintainability)
Safety Philosophy Reports /Basis of Safety Reports
HSE Management Service
Safety Design:
  • Fire Zone
  • Fire Fighting
  • Fire Proofing
  • Fire and Gas Detection
  • Electric Hazardous Area Classification
  • Flare System Design
Operating Manuals and Procedures development
Emergency Plans drafting
In-house Personnel Training and Courses
Environmental Impact Assessment
All the studies are performed in respect of the international standards like API, ASME, NFPA, ISO, BS ISO or similar, in accordance with the local regulation as requested.

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